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About me

Scott Carpenter –

I was raised in the first part of my life in Texarkana, Tx, having first been born at the nearest military hospital in Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA. After 11 years or so, I moved with my father to Singapore, Indonesia and Norway during my junior high and high school years. In my senior year I moved with my mother first to Westlake, Ca and then to Hurst, Tx. After a couple of years majoring in party sciences at the University of Texas, I took my new found knowledge on the high seas with the Navy. As a hospital corpsman, I was on the USS Ogden for two deployments in the pacific rim and finished up in Long Beach, CA.

During my time aboard the USS Ogden, I had the opportunity to race in the Catalina Island series on a C-27 skippered by the Ogden’s executive officer. During that race, in the middle of the ocean between LA and Catalina, we dismasted and had our gas can tip over. After a quick rescue from a cruising sail boat, I found my true love of sailing. Over the next two years I spent most of my time at the Long Beach Naval Yacht Club marina immersing myself is learning to sail the C-15’s and C-27’s, culminating in skippering the Newport to Ensenada race before I got out of the Navy. Before I got out, I bought my first boat, an American 23, and sailed it around Catalina and Long Beach.

After the Navy, I got into the IT field, and with family obligations and career building I got out of sailing until I divorced and bought a Hunter 34 on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. I lived aboard her for a few years during the dotcom boom, and when that bubble burst I sold her and moved to the Washington DC area. After a while I bought a Pearson P-30 and spent a couple of years cruising the Chesapeake and ended up in Annapolis and started working hard on getting money and a boat for cruising.

The first step was a very lucrative job in Tampa, FL, getting DOD IT experience. During my time there, I became a private pilot, fulfilling another dream of mine. Finally, with the experience under my belt that the hiring companies required, I was able to get a very lucrative job in Helmand, Afghanistan. I am currently in Information Security working on Camp Leatherneck and can be reached at Uberbigun at gmail dot com.

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