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Back Online

Posted by on March 15, 2014

Looks llike the site is back online after a LONG hiatus due to the hosting company’s shenanigans. I actually had to use my information security skills to track down the new owners and get a real live contact to unscrew the login issues. So without further ado here’s whats happened in the last year since I could post.

The boat is just about finished. The bow thruster, graphics and all the rest have been completed. I got to come back and sail the boat a couple of times. Once was a single hand sail out on the Chesapeake and another was taking my sister out.

The visit was too short, but it was extremely productive. I had the great opportunity to have the previous owner come down an go over the boat systems for three days. Since a lot of the systems were custom. and the previous owner extensively cruised with the boat,  the education provided was invaluable. My time back in the states was very short lived, though and had to come back to the desert WAY too soon. I put the boat on the hard and came back to Afghanistan at the end of May 2013.

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